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WARNING: Space is limited and these LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better than doing it by yourself and risking your hard earned money on simple mistakes.

If you are still on the fence...

Here are the most common lingering questions answered>


When do we start?

We like to compress time, so there are some basics you'll want to get under your belt before we start.

You'll start learning from prerecorded material today and we'll start jamming as a group on Jan 30th. This gives you a rolling start.


How do we split revenue?

We’ll invest evenly and split revenue evenly.  Amazon has an easy system for accounting so we'll settle funds on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly distribution is my preference because it creates less accounting headaches.



How can we diferentiate our product offers?

The first run will have one sku, with one offer, sold in one store.

Its easy to create color, quantity, or size variations on the second production run.



What are the costs?

Manufacturing, inspection, artwork, shipping, packaging, copy, and a small oops budget. 3-10k is realistic budget for most products.

If you need a lower budget some products can be created and launched for less.



How do we split costs?

Once we get a quote for manufacturing, we’ll add in a few additional costs for inspection, shipping, packaging, etc. Once we have a loaded estimate we can divide the cost evenly.




Where is the finish line?

When we have sold through half of the inventory is the best time to discuss next steps. We’ll take a fresh look at the market then choose to reorder, modify the product, or discontinue the product.




How is this different than a mastermind?

Masterminds are awesome, however they are slightly flawed. Either the members are in non-competing businesses or are competing. When you are competing there is a hardwired conflict of interest. If the non-competing members are not well chosen then its virtually impossible to get an optimized synergy.

This is different because we are investing together. The best individual outcome is aligned with the best outcome for the group.




I am still on the fence, give me confidence.

Amazon Fast Track is a game changer and this is the absolute last time we'll be offering it for the discounted price of 3k. The membership rates go up in 2017 so this is your best and lowest cost opportunity.

Finding smart, effective, and fun hustlers to grow your business is the wisest thing you can do.

When you join us you’ll get smarter, more effective, have more fun, and it will be less stressful because you have a built in support team who authentically shares the same victory and challenges.

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